An open letter to George Clooney

Dear Mr. George Clooney,

first i would like to introduce us. Us, that is the Clean Coffee Project. A campaign from the Clean Ocean Project to implement an european-wide deposit system for single-use coffee capsules made of aluminium and plastic. Why, you might ask? Because their production is a waste of resources and energy and after a short single shot most of them end up on the landfill. These capsules are the embodiment of our thoughtless single-use lifestyle. And you are the ambassador of this lifestyle.

We wanted to write you. Because we are a little bit confused and we want to give you the chance to set the record straight.

You are well known and respected for your commitment for human rights, against war and for the protection of the environment and the climate. In 2006 you were appointed Ambassador of Peace by the UN and while you where in Darfur you fought for human rights.

Beside that you joined the Save the Arctic campaign from Greenpeace and you are a member of the 
board of administration of Belenos Clean Power Holding – a company which develops environmentally friendly generation of energy.

And your career as an author, actor and director. Of course your attitude towards politics, war and human rights has always been part of your art work.
Now it is getting tricky. Because at the same time you are the testimonial for Nespresso. Or to be more precise – of NESTLÉ. We are wondering if you took a second to do some research on this company before you signed. As you for sure would do with a script.

If so, how could you not be disgusted by the companies business strategy? It is about corruption, human rights abuse and the exploitation, pollution and destruction of the environment.

And you not only show your face to promote Nespresso, you talk about how great the company is, that you are proud to work for them, you salute to the sustainable program and the great job they do for the environment. „Like no one else“, you said.

If at the end you had no idea whom you are working for, we would love to fill that gap. Or maybe just google it. Because we think that you should seriously rethink your engagement for Nespresso and Nestlé. Would that not be a great goal for 2018?

Looking forward to hear from you.


Wim Geirnaert
Founder, Clean Ocean Project